Posted by: cheryljk | February 18, 2008

1869 Map of Chazy Lake

1869 Map of chazy Lake



  1. Several things about the 1869 map intrique me. First there is no road to Lyon Mt. which at that time was called Rogersfield, I believe. In fact there don’t seem to be any roads anywhere except the Old Smugglers’ Road. What was being smuggled? It is likely that there was a wagon road from Dannemora and Ellenburg. The dam and flow line that is shown must refer to the old wooden structure that washed out. I think that the new dam was built in 1922 and must have made a lot of employment for local people. I’d guess that the sand needed for cement came from a pit near the DuBrey farm. Once I was told that the DuBrey land was a grant for Union Army service. Later that spot was used as a local baseball field and after that as a site of the Atlas missile base. Somewhere I have a 35mm slide of “our” Atlas missile standing on the Chazy Lake launching pad. It looked like it was ready to go. Smoke or steam was rising from parts of it. I noticed the Meader Hotel as being close to the pump house which came later. Is that the same place Eleanor Roosevelt stayed in 1934. Lots of questions to be answered.

  2. Does anyone have a higher resolution of the 1869 map? We have recently purchased a property near the lake and are interested in the details of the map.
    Thanks in advance.
    Patrick Kay

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