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The sons of Xavier and Emma stayed near home


 The four brothers lived within shouting distance of each other but they preferred the telephone.  Before the phone company came to Chazy Lake the brothers joined their neighbors and made their own telephone line.

The brothers passed away a number of years ago, their families have moved and the houses belong to others now, but for their lifetimes they lived on their family ground.

Their homes are marked on the map above.  S is Sullivan, the youngest, living in the homestead with it’s big gracious house and beautiful old barn.  F is Filmore the eldest, living in a cute cottage he built where he raised his family; later, around 1960, he sold his house to the Stewart family (Mrs. Stewart taught English at Lyon Mountain High School) and built a new house overlooking the lake and closer to his two cottages, docks and boats.  This is the house marked F1, from here fishing was much easier than from the earlier home.

Howard’s two houses are marked with H.  He lived in one and either rented the other or had one of his children living there.  There were two garages near the house; his own and the town garage, near the road, convenient placement for his office as Road Commissioner for the Town of Dannemora.  He also had a shed, and a chicken coop which don’t show on this map and of course the all important outhouse, just a long walk from the house in the woods.  Of course he had an indoor toilet, but he enjoyed having the outhouse for old time’s sake, I think.  Like his brother Fil, Howard had two cottages on the lakeshore.

Exford, the third of the four boys, lived across the road in the house marked E.  His house was near the road, but he had property down to the lake, a large chunk of land, with a nice beach (when properly filled with sand) and a restaurant, bar and dance hall called the Grove which was a popular place to eat, have big parties and go dancing on a warm summer night.

The house marked JK came later; it belonged to James King, Exford’s oldest son.

There are 5 cottages marked on the map along Seine Bay to the West of the Grove.  The two westmost cottages belonged to Filmore; the middle cottage was not a cottage at all but a modern ranch home on the lake… it belonged to Donald and Margaret Breyette, cousin to the King brothers.  Just East of the Breyette summer home Howard had two cottages with docks and boats, the big camp and the little camp on a small lot that originally adjoined brother Exford’s land until Exford sold a small piece to the Stewart Family shortly after they moved into the enclave.

Most or all of this land was purchased from their father Xavier who in turn bought it from the mining company when he settled at the lake.  The little King Enclave was somewhat separated from the rest of the houses along 374 by the lay of the land and had the feel of a little hamlet in and of itself, both from the geography and the long time presence of the brothers.

This U.S. Geological Survey map is from surveys done about 1964.

From Richard King

This view of Seine Bay is fairly close to the view from the bottom of the map above and dates to approximately the same time.  In the picture below you can see Fil’s two cottages, beyond them is the Breyette house and just visible is Howard’s big camp; beyond that and not really visible is Howard’s little camp, the Stewart lot and the beach of the Grove, as they are laid out on the map above. 

Richard’s picture cropped for cottages

Thanks to Richard King for the pictures.

From Don picture date Oct 2007 View from U. Fil’s across Seine Bay

This view from Donald King (taken 2007) shows the view from Uncle Fil’s cottages looking across Seine Bay at Lyon Mountain.  Thanks to Don for the picture.



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    • Thank you for the nomination and your kind words.

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